Motto                    : Culture reflects civilization

Objectives           :

  1. Practice and spread the rich values of our culture and heritage
  2. Refine young minds with sound taste and outlook
  3. Symbolize fraternity to the society where we live
  4. Celebrate national events with true cultural reflection

Advisor                   : Ms. Asma Begum, Lecturer, AIBA, Sylhet

Executive Committee:


President                :  Md. Shahriar Siddique, BBA-1                                  

General Secretary : Chowdhury Fariha Zabin, BBA-1

Treasurer                : Md. Mehedi Hasan, BBA-2

Executive Members:  

  1. Nafis Shams Tiash, BBA -1
  2. Ashraf Hussain Fahad, BBA -2
  3. Ahmed Shahriar Hasan, BBA -2
  4. Nishat Salsabil Chowdhury, BBA -3
  5. Dipta Paul Dip, BBA -3
  6. Sadia Tasnim, BBA-3


  1. To celebrate all national programs
  2. To organize cultural competition
  3. To organize cultural part of any event of AIBA