Guiding Principles


Our motto is:  Knowledge and Power, implying the empowerment of students through prudent knowledge apt to meet challenges in their careers both at national and global standards.



AIBA, Sylhet envisions emerging as a leading institute of business studies and management, where young students and professionals will be prepared to meet the demands of independent, innovative, dynamic and compassionate leaders to create, shape and raise the quality of organizational and social standards. 


Impart quality education to young citizens and professionals to groom for competitive corporate world of today and future in well articulated and methodical manner 


Creativity: A vital element of intellectual persuasion in business and management studies is creativity. Our culture fosters imagination, innovation and intellectual drive.

Diversity: We value a learning environment that nurtures respect for differences and inquisitiveness. We encourage variant perspectives and values, and allow open, frank and new ideas.

Wisdom: We emphasize on developing our students’ clarity of concepts in depth to be able to think and act using knowledge, judgment and experience.

Commitment: We are responsive to ingenuity and committed to expanding, creating and disseminating knowledge in a high standard of academic environmenmt. 

Integrity: We infuse the sense of ethics and moral values in our students’ minds with a view to shaping them to be honest, upright and loyal citizen of the country.

Discipline: Discipline is integral to the success of a student. We practice a well articulated academic policy that encourages students of being punctual, mannered and well organized in their thoughts and deeds. 


To become a leading educational institute on business and management studies in the country through dedicated commitment to training and research.

To promote highest standard of leadership and Management skills in conformity to the changing demands of time.

To build capacity of the students to make creative and pragmatic decisions based on informed judgments under varying circumstances.

 To develop clear concept, understanding and in-depth knowledge of the theories for their judicious application.

To provide a congenial academic environment for the students free from political and other interruption to the curriculum.

To establish global standard of education and culture to enable recognition of International Accreditation bodies and set up joint collaboration with prominent universities of the world.

To cater for the provisions to expand and diversify the scope of curriculum to other fields of education and research as time and situation demands. 

To promote the spirit of national culture, heritage and traditions.

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