AIBA Photography Society

Motto                       : Getting closer to the nature and beauty

Objectives              :

  1. Discover the diverse nature of beauty
  2. Portraying individual skills and perception
  3. Revealing the unknown and unseen
  4. Taking close to the nature

                   Advisor                   : Mr. Md. Ali Ashraf

                                                     Lecturer, AIBA, Sylhet

                                                     Mr. Ajaan Rahman Khan

                                  Lecturer, AIBA, Sylhet

Executive Committee:

President                : Omar Ibne Mostafa, BBA-1

General Secretary : Dewan Tasnimur Rashid, BBA-1

Treasurer                : Lutfa Aktar Juhi, BBA-1

Executive Members:

  1. Faria Islam, BBA -1
  2. Tasmon Islam, BBA -2
  3. Mahmudur Rahman,  BBA -2
  4. Syed Ezat Shahriar Hossain, BBA -3
  5. Sakif Ryhan, BBA -3


  1. To take photographs of all programs of AIBA
  2. Displaying important photographs of various events of AIBA
  3. Maintaining archive of all photographs
  4. Making documentary of AIBA
  5. Organizing photography workshop and exhibitions.

Admission (BBA)
Admission (MBA)