Motto                    : Exploring the Unseen

Objectives             :

  1. Discovering the Diverse Natural Beauty in Bangladesh
  2. Learning through Exploration
  3. Revealing the unknown and unseen
  4. Taking close to the nature


  1. Exploring  natural beauty
  2. Arranging National tour & Picnic
  3. Arranging workshop  about Tourism
  4. Publishing Research paper on Tourism every year.

                  Advisor                  : Mr. Golam Morshed Shahriar Tanim
                                                  Lecturer, AIBA, Sylhet
                                                  Mr. Md. Hasnat Ibne Reza
                                                  Asst. Section Officer, AIBA, Sylhet


Executive Committee:

President               : Rifat Alom, BBA-1

Vice President       : Nafiee Abdullah, BBA-1

General Secretary : Radhone Mahmud Lesan, BBA-1

Treasurer               : Hasnat Shahriar Tomal, BBA-1

Executive Members:

  1. MH Khan Mahi, BBA -1
  2. Adil Ahmed, BBA -2
  3. Tanjid Chy, BBA -1
  4. Omor Mostafa, BBA -1
  5. Shakir Ahmed Shovon, BBA-1


Admission (BBA)
Admission (MBA)